Water Clarity

One thing that is really important to pay attention to when bass fishing is water color. It’s a pretty basic concept, but paying close attention to subtle water color differences can make or break a day on the water. I’m not talking about clear water versus muddy water. I’m talking about the different variances of clear water - clear water you can see 20-30 feet in, like Lake Travis, or clear water like Sam Rayburn that is kind of a green color where you can see about four feet, or places like Choke Canyon and Falcon Lake where the water is more milky. It’s still green water, but you can only see about a foot down in a lot of that water. These subtle differences in water clarity instruct my bait choices. The dingier/ darker the water is, the more I feel like I can fish shallow aggressive baits, like a 1.5 crankbait or a spinner bait. If the water is really clear, then I think about things like a jerkbait or swimbait. Even in the hot summer throwing a shallow-water aggressive bait might be the best thing to do if the water color dictates. Paying close attention to water clarity will help you catch more bass.