Summertime Topwater Fishing

One of the most fun ways to fish for bass is topwater, and I think most anglers would agree. And summertime is the best time for top water fishing! The best time to get topwater bites is in the early morning when the fish are shallow and active. Generally, the first bait I will throw to target a top water bite is a buzz bait. It covers a lot of water, and you can fish it fast or slow it down to where it kind of gurgles in the water. I usually start out with a 3/8 oz. Strike King buzz bait. Other baits I like are frogs. The Strike King Popping Perch is a cupped bait and works side to side in the water. If you’ve ever hooked one up on a frog – you won’t soon forget it. A popper is another bait to try. You can fish it kind of walking back and forth or fish it slowly and pop it. The action of your retrieve will depend upon the mood of the fish, so you have to try different retrieves until you know what they want. Sometimes they want it walked, sometimes fast, skipped along the top, and sometimes they’ll hit it better when your retrieve is slow, just plopping it along. Probably the most versatile of topwater baits is a Sexy Dawg Topwater by Strike King. It works side to side, and like the other topwater baits, you can retrieve it fast or slow, whichever the bass prefer. Topwater is definitely one of the most fun ways to fish. You can catch a lot of good fish, and it’s how I always start out first thing in the morning.