Fishing Flooded Water

So where you are it might be raining …. a lot. It’s not raining much where I’m at in Central Texas, but one of these days it will again. And I do go to a lot of lakes with flooded water and have fished many, many tournament days in downpours where the water level rises several inches during the event. So how do you deal with fishing high water? First, do not be intimidated. What it takes is rigging a lot of poles with different baits and just flat covering water. I like to avoid freshly muddy water. Muddy water in general is no problem; it's just bad if it has just gotten muddy in the last day or so. I also try to go in to it with no preconceived ideas; in other words, it can all be good, so just explore, explore, explore with a variety of techniques, and have fun with it.