Summertime Schooling

On a clear water lake in the summer, I always look for schooling bass. It’s an exciting way to fish, but even when you see a lot of bass breaking the surface, it’s not always that easy to catch them. To capitalize on schooling bass, you need to have a lot of different rods rigged with a lot of different baits to figure out how to catch those fish. What’s happening when bass school is that they are pinning the bait up to the top of the water column. But the bass are not always sitting on the top of the water. Sometimes they are holding deep and will come up and bust, and sometimes they are sitting close to the top. You have to figure out which, and your electronics can help you figure that out. Another thing to pay attention to is the size of the bait the fish are targeting. If they are targeting small bait, use a smaller lure. And if they are targeting larger bait, use larger lures. Summer fishing can be really tough, but if you happen upon a school, it can be a whole lot of fun!