Springtime Bassin'

Without a doubt, the springtime is the most exciting time of the year to fish. I say that because all of the big females are at least accessible when they move shallow to spawn. Every lake is different. On some lakes, the bass will stay shallow for a long period of time, and on other lakes, they will move in shallow for a short time to spawn. I think it has to do with the amount of cover that is shallow and the amount of bait in that cover. If there is a lot of cover and a lot of bait, the fish will stay shallower longer. One thing you have to remember this time of year is that the spawn actually lasts a pretty good while. In Texas, it’s generally at least two months. In South Florida, it could be up to four months. What you fish this time of year totally depends on what type of cover is there. But just knowing that big ones are shallow really makes it one of the most fun times to fish for bass.