Opening Weekend

If someone were to ask me what the single best day of the year is, it would not be Christmas or my birthday or anniversary. No, it would have to be the opening weekend of deer season. There is just something about it. Growing up, it was like a holiday in my family. My dad would pick me and my brother up from school at lunch on Friday, and we would head to wherever we were hunting that year. It was definitely the only parent-sanctioned skip day we ever got! In most of Texas, the rifle season opens this weekend, and hunters everywhere are getting excited. There’s just so much that goes into it, from building stands, to getting camp ready to strategizing with the guys you’re hunting with, to sighting in your weapon, to just dreaming about the buck of a lifetime that might walk out at any time. Opening day is a big deal – the best day of the year, and, in my opinion, it still is. Good luck out there!