How to Fish Grass

Many of the lakes in Texas that are any good at all for bass fishing have aquatic vegetation or grass. This vegetation can be intimidating for many people to fish. The one thing to know is that bass love it! They feed in it, get big in it, and we need it in our lakes! The thing to understand is that bass thrive in cover. If there is no cover, bass fishing, typically, is not very good. There are many baits you can use when fishing grass. In the fall of the year, I like to stay either on the outside edge of the grass or on the very inside edge of the grass. At least, that’s where I’ll start. Grass can be topped out this time of year, and flipping toward the outside edge can be the best technique. I prefer a Strike King ¾ ounce Hack Attack Heavy Cover Jig fished near the outside edge or topwater on either the inside or outside edges. Still you have to remember, it’s trial and error. These are just the places I typically start. Oftentimes, grass can produce groups of fish, and that’s what you’re looking for!