How to Fish the PreSpawn

The pre spawn is the time of year when bass are most active, most aggressive, so it’s the time of year for power fishing - fishing baits that move, winding baits. It doesn’t always work, but it’s often a good bet. The baits I’m talking about are baits like a vibrating jib, spinnerbaits, crankbaits – baits you can bump off of structure. This time of year, fish are basically in a feeding frenzy, getting themselves fat and healthy in preparation for the spawn. I’m not talking about right before the spawn, but instead, about a month, month and a half from when fish actually spawn. This time, of course, varies around the country. I like to think of bass moving up and suspending over the top of cover, and me trying to bump that cover to elicit a reaction strike. You just have to get your bait to the right depth, so that when the bait comes across whatever the structure is, you can jerk it free or bounce it off of the structure. That’s what generates the strike. Good luck out there!