Flutter Spoon

A bait that has been getting a lot of attention lately is the flutter spoon. It’s a bait that has a real erratic fall, it jukes and jives as it falls. I like fishing it on deep structure when I have a good school of fish that I can see with my Garmin electronics. Sometimes you can see fish on your electronics but can’t catch them. When this happens, I’ll pull out my Strike King Lures Sexy Spoon flutter bait. You jerk that spoon right through the middle of the school and finally one of those fish will react to it and bite. Then once you get that school going, you may keep catching them on a spoon, or you may change to other baits. Just the other day, we were able to get the school fired up with a spoon and then switched to a drop shot and caught them like crazy! So when you come upon a school and are having a hard time getting bites, try a flutter bait. There’s a good chance it will get that school fired up, and you can catch a lot of bass.