Fishing in High Water

In Texas we have had a lot of rain in recent months, which presents the problem of finding fish in rising or high water. Rising water can be very difficult. In these conditions, I will typically look to the old shoreline – where the water was before it started rising. That’s where the fish will often stage. Eventually, depending on water temperature, they will move up in to that flooded cover. It’s usually a trial and error thing. If the water is 50 degrees or less, I look more on the outside, but with warmer temperatures, I feel like the fish will tend to go farther back up into the cover. Oftentimes, bald spots or clearings in all that cover can be a key, but it’s really just trial and error. Another thing to think about is water clarity. As long as the water stays clear, fishing can be pretty good, but if you can see the silt in the water, try to find something clearer. Good luck!