Carolina Rig

One bait that can get a bad rap from old school power fishermen (like me) is a Carolina Rig. But sometimes it’s the best bait for the job. I like to fish fast and don’t really want to slow down, but I do throw a Carolina rig more often than you would think. If you have to slow down on big flats starting in February, you can catch some big fish on Carolina Rig. As far as my rig up, I usually use a ¾ oz. tour grade tungsten weight. I put a glass bead right above that and a black barrel swivel. The line that’s on your main line doesn’t really matter – just needs to be something you can cast well, probably about a 16 # Fluorocarbon. And for the leader, I use either the same size line or lighter. I use a Wide Gap Plus Owner Hook, which fits the Strike King Rage Hawg well, a creature bait l like to use with Carolina Rig. I also will sometimes throw just a straight worm. Green pumpkin is probably my favorite color, but whatever color you have the most confidence in is the one you should use. I fish Carolina Rig when fishing flats, or flats with a small break or the edge of a flat. You’re looking for the really hard stuff – gravel, rocks, or maybe a bare spot if you’re fishing grass. In East Texas a lot of times you catch a lot of fish when you’re working in the pre spawn and Carolina Rigging those bare spots right around the inside grass lines. Big fish load up on those inside grass line bare spots. Best of luck out there!