Vertical Flipping

One of the best ways to catch bass if flipping. Sometimes the fish are on the edges of cover, but oftentimes bass get right in the center of all that thick stuff, and the only way to get to them is with a vertical presentation. Braided line is the best line for vertical flipping. It gives you the best chance to get them out of the thick grass. Before braided line, we often struggled to pull bass through the thick stuff, but with braid, more often than not, you’ll get them out. My favorite braided line for flipping is Sunline FX2, and I usually use 60 pound test. It’s very sensitive and still has a really small diameter, so I know fish won’t see it. When you set the hook, you have the fish. With respect to my rod set up, I prefer the Cabela’s XML Bass Flipping Stick. It’s perfect for any flipping application, and gets fish out of that heavy cover. Finally, whatever bait you use, needs to be heavy to be able to drop straight down through the heavy cover. Flipping heavy grass is a way you can catch a bunch of good bass. Good luck!