You Say You Want Turkey?

Two years ago, I was visiting with Wade Middleton about the lack of turkey at our ranch in Central Texas. You see, we have always had a ton of birds, but two years ago (due to the drought and other unknown factors) the numbers were in severe jeopardy. Wade’s comment was – give ‘em plenty to eat, and they will return. So we purchased a number of Spin Tech Feeders, and put 8-10 feeders around the ranch with nothing but cracked corn or hen scratch in them. Our idea was for them to just feed turkey. You ought to see our place now. Many of those feeders have between 10 and 40 turkey coming to them every day. Our big creek bottom has become a giant turkey roost, and even though the nesting conditions have been extremely favorable in the last two years due to abundant rain, I attribute much of the success of this turkey boon to our Spin Tech feeders.