Tournament Fishing - No Room For Fear!

Fear. It’s the most destructive force in competitive bass fishing. There’s just no room for it if you want to be successful in tournaments. What I’m talking about is going back to the same places you always go to on your home lake or where you got a few bites in practice because you’re afraid of the unknown. The way to be successful is to have a plan when you start the day based on bites in practice or what you know about the lake, but as the day plays out and the wind changes, boat traffic gets bad, conditions deteriorate, you’re not getting any bites etc…, you have to be able to change and adapt. You have to decide that it doesn’t matter whether you have ever fished this spot, or whether you will even be able to walk across the stage, and instead follow your instincts - let the day flow with the conditions. Playing it safe may work sometimes, but over the long run – tournament after tournament, year after year, it will bite you. Good tournament fishing is following your instincts, basically practicing, being flexible and intuitive. Let the day flow organically without fear of the outcome. It’s the only way your head will be clear enough to be creative and adaptable.