The Potomac River

We are traveling home from the FLW Tour stop #7 on the Potomac River in Maryland. The Potomac River is one of my favorite places in the country to fish. After three days of practice, the biggest concentration of fish I found was in a giant grass bed near Mattawoman Creek. The area had a ton of bass in it, and I knew it would be fairly crowded, but I had no idea the number of boats that would fish it. The first day, there were at least 20 boats in there, and everyone was catching fish. I ripped ‘em, and weighed in 19-11oz., and left that main area by 1:00. The second day, the boats were a little more concentrated, and there were a few more of them. The heavy pressure made fishing a lot tougher, and I only managed 11 pounds. That area still produced some nice strings on day two, I just couldn’t get any bigger bites – caught a lot, just not big ones. In hind sight, I wish I had left that area mid-morning and hunted for some less pressured areas. Lesson learned. I will definitely look forward to the next opportunity to fish that amazing river.