What used to probably be the most used lure in any tackle box was the spinnerbait. In the day of swim baits and vibrating jigs, the spinnerbait is often totally overlooked, but there are many situations in which it is still the best bait. The spinnerbait shown here is a Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinnerbait. The one feature the spinnerbait has that many of these imitations do not is its ability to come through cover reeled very slowly, which can be especially important in the colder months of the year. Take last year, for example. Jason Christie was leading the Bassmaster’s Classic going into the last day, and was the only person in the field relying on a spinnerbait. His comment was that he could keep the bait in the strike zone longer. I think we often overlook the importance of this. Though I also don’t throw a spinnerbait as much as I used to, but there are times when it is undoubtedly the best bait.