Slometimes You Have To Slow Down

Sometimes in the fall, you just have to slow down. I am a power fisherman. I enjoy trying to figure out patterns by moving quickly and covering as much water as possible. In the fall, I prefer to throw top water, crankbaits or spinnerbaits, catching fish that are usually feeding on shad. But sometimes it just doesn’t work as you think it should or want it to. Sometimes you have to just slow down, pick up a jig and work slowly down the bank. The jig I prefer, depending on the lake is a Stike King ½ oz skipping jig, or on clearer lakes a 3/8 oz. Strike King Finesse Football Head – Green Pumpkin. Many times, this time of year, the fish will not be just at one depth, but some shallow, some mid-range and some deeper. The only way to catch them is to take your time, work your bait slowly and feel for a bite.