Pro's Choice - The Jig

Probably one of the most versatile baits you can fish for bass anytime, anywhere is the jig. There are all kinds of different jigs – swim jigs, vibrating head jigs, football head jigs, structure jigs, casting jigs, flipping jigs, and big jigs designed to get in heavy cover. The unique feature on a jig is its skirt, the strands of which flex out in different ways so it looks like it’s always moving. This erratic movement triggers bass. With respect to color, when I’m flipping, I like green pumpkin, or black and blue. On a swim jig, I like shad, green pumpkin or maybe black and blue. When tournament fishermen are asked, I probably nine out of ten would say “the best bait in my box is the jig.” You can just do so many different things with it - whether it be deep, shallow, fast or slow – a jig can do It all!