Pre-Spawn, Spawn or Post-spawn?

When fishing a tournament in the middle of the Spring, how do you decide what the fish are doing? The way I go about it is to fish the way I prefer to fish first and see if that works. Letting the bites dictate which way to fish is the best way to prepare for a tournament, but really, the big key is to not get too dialed in. For most tournaments, especially multi day tournaments, you need more than one pattern. Inevitably due to changing conditions or fishing pressure or just finicky fish, you will have to change during an event. In practice, even if I am getting bites doing something, I will often change and see if there are other ways I might be able to catch something. Most good finishes happen because you have more than one way to catch them. The other part of that equation is that all of the fish in the lake are never doing the exact same thing. There are usually some spawning, some pre spawn and some post spawn. So stay open minded for better tournament results. Good luck out there!