Picking Colors

I get asked all the time what colors I like in soft plastics, and my response is typically that the best color is the one you have the most confidence in. I personally like green pumpkin the best in most situations (and have always been just superstitious enough to need it to be “green pumpkin” instead of another name with virtually the same color). To me, green pumpkin is just a really versatile color. There are some different kinds of green pumpkin. You can get green pumpkin with all kinds of glitter or color variations, like Strike King’s, Okeechobee Craw, which is green pumpkin with a little more blue in it. If the water gets pretty dark, I like black and blue, or black neon, which is black and red on one side, green pumpkin on the other. If you looked in my box, you’d see that my colors are pretty simple – it’s what I have confidence in. When it comes to colors, if having 20 different colors in your box gives you confidence, go with it, but if you’re plenty confident with just five or six colors, go with that. Good luck out there!