Fishing Sixty Degree Water

As a bass fisherman, one thing I always look at when I put my boat in the water is water temperature. This time of year especially, and I'm always hoping it will be over 60 degrees. What's so significant about 60 degrees? It’s when bass start to spawn, and if my Garmin says 60, I know there will be some on the beds or at least shallow. Depending on the water color, temps in the 60s tell me to slow down and fish for spawning bass. If it's clear I might sight fish and if the water is stained or off color at all, I'll fish around cover in 1-5 feet of water, looking for fish moving to the beds. My favorite bait this time of year is a Strike King 4.5" Flip N Tube. And I usually fish it pretty slowly. If I miss a bite I'll often cast back into the same spot because that fish might easily be on a bed and will bite it again. The reason you miss them this time of year is because they often take the bait and blow it out to get it off their bed. There are many big bass shallow this time of year and a giant could bite at any time. So be ready for that big bite, and have a great time fishing for spawning bass!