Colder Weather Think Less Erratic Baits

As water temperatures get cooler and bass settle into their true winter-time patterns, two things are for sure. You have to move your baits more slowly and make them less erratic. Many of the best winter-time baits are made to be fished slow. Baits like a football jig, jigging spoon, drop shot, finesse jig, lipless crankbait and a jerkbait can all be fished extremely slowly. This is not necessarily because the bass are not aggressive, but with colder temperatures and them being cold-blooded, they just don’t move very fast. I love winter-time fishing because bait selection is not real complex. My three favorite are a jig, a jerkbait and a crank bait, all of which I would fish very slowly. The jig, you just have to work slow, sometimes leaving it in one spot for a while. With a crankbait, you usually reel very slowly and want baits with less vibration. Jerkbaits are fished with a jerk, jerk, pause cadence, and oftentimes, the pauses will be fairly long in the winter. All of these baits can stay in front of the fish for long periods of times, and that’s how you get the most bites in the winter.