Buzzbaits in the Fall

One of the best baits to fish in the fall is a buzzbait, and one of my favorite buzzbaits is the Strike King Sugar Buzz. What’s great about the Sugar Buzz is the clacking sound it makes when the blades hit the head as they spin. Instead of a skirt, I put a Super Toad on it, and I don’t get too worried about color because the bait is running along the top of the water kind of frothing the water, and bass bite it because of the sound the bait makes. When you’re fishing it, you’ll have to figure out what the bass want – fast retrieve, slow retrieve, where it gurgles? That’s all just trial and error. As far as a rod goes, I use the same rod I use for a spinner bait or swim jig, the XML Spinnerbait/Swim jig rod. It’s got some backbone to it, which helps in heavy cover situations. It’s kind of an old school way to fish, but it can catch a lot of fish.