Best All Around Flipping Set Up

There are a lot of different flipping set up, butIf I had to choose my favorite set up for flipping this would be it: My favorite flipping bait is a Strike King Rage Bug. It’s a real compact bait with little legs that move around well in the water. For the hook, I would choose an Owner 4/0 Jungle Flipping Hook. I really like this hook. It’s got ZO-Wire, which is 4 times stronger that a regular hook its diameter. You don’t want your hook to bend at all so that it can effectively puncture, and this hook does the trick. It also has a line keeper that makes it so the bait won’t move at all. If I had just one weight, I’d choose a 5/16 Tungsten weight. With respect to line, if I could choose just one, it would be Sunline FX2 60 pound test line. There are a lot of different lines you could use. Sunline even has a lot of braid, but I choose this for flipping because I can jerk as hard as I want and it won’t break. I like the Cabela’s XML Bass rod. It’s a flipping stick and has a lot of backbone but a limber enough tip to skip or flip. I like the 6.3:1 Cabela’s Arachnid reel. It’s smooth and makes a nice quiet presentation. There are a lot of ways to set up for flipping, but if I had to just pick one, this would be it. Good luck out there.