My New Cabela's Ranger Z520C

One of the great things about being a professional bass fisherman is that every year at about this time I get to buy a new boat, and I always know that when it comes, everything will be right on it. First of all it is a Ranger Z520C. Without a doubt, Ranger has a reputation of building the best bass boat on the market. The thing I love the most about my boat is the attention to detail. Everything is rigged with the fisherman in mind - from the perfect layout to more than enough room for all my gear! As bass fishing has evolved over the years, we have seen an increase in the number of techniques and technique-specific baits, and rods and reels that a fisherman needs to carry in his arsenal. With my Ranger, I can put 20 plus rods in the rod locker (and I do!), and there is more than enough room for all my tackle boxes. In the back where the batteries go, there is also plenty of room for everything needed to run the boat. I am really blown away with how much I can store. Secondly, my dealer, Cabela’s Ft. Worth rigs the boat out to fit my specific needs. There is no doubt when I pick it up that it’s going to be right, including all of my Garmin units installed exactly where I need them. Again perfect! My wrap has changed just a bit for this year. It now highlights some of the great products I use from Cabela’s. I think it looks really good. Check it out!