Jig Trailers

How do you pick a trailer for your jig? There are just so many options. There are flapping trailers like the Rage Craw; chunk-style trailers like the KVD Chunk; boot-style trailers (which are really swim baits) like the swim-n-caffeine shad; or grub-style trailers like the Rage Grub. All of these have their place, but how do you know which one to use. For one thing the number of colors available for trailers are amazing! Literally, anything you can think of can go on the back of your jig. Personally though, I keep it pretty simple. If I’m flipping a Hack Attack jig, and the water is under 60 degrees, I will go with a KVD Chunk. If it is over 60 degrees, I prefer a Rage Craw or a Rage Chunk trailer. On a football head I throw the KVD Chunk more often than not, and if I’m throwing a finesse jig then I like a Baby Rage Craw. As far as colors go, green pumpkin would be my favorite, but when the water is warm, I might think a little more about adding some different colors. On the Hack Attack heavy cover swim jig is where it gets more complicated. The Rage Craw is probably my favorite, but I also like the Swim-n-Caffeine Shad from time to time. If the water is really cold, like in the 40’s, then I like the Rage Grub. All of these trailers will work very well. You just have to fish some of these and develop some confidence in them. One thing is for sure; they can help you catch a ton of fish!