Transition Time

As our days get warmer and warmer and there are fewer nights in the 30’s, we begin to prepare for spring bass fishing - the time when bass start to transition from their winter haunts to where they will spawn and the feeding frenzy that happens as they move. I love this time of year because bass change on a dime, and though you may be having a great day, you have to be ready to change every hour of the day. What you are looking for as a bass fisherman is those little windows where bass get active and you can capitalize on it. What I like to do this time of year is always be in a practice mode. In other words, even if you are getting some bites, you have to keep trying other patterns and baits because you never know what may become available to you as a fisherman. You might be catching them on a slow moving bait, and then the wind starts blowing and the fish get more aggressive. You would then want to shift to faster moving baits. Or it is really warm and the fish are biting a Strike King spinnerbait , but they start to move to the beds. Then you want to try an Ocho or flipping. But always, always, always be ready to change. This time of year it often will.