Toledo Bend Reservoir

I just had the opportunity to head over to Toledo Bend for a day of fishing and filming for Fishing and Hunting Texas, and what a day it was! We left Austin at 2am Monday morning and got there about 7:30. My brother and I were like kids in a candy store about being there! Our enthusiasm waned just a little at first when we were greeted on the lake by gale force 30 mph winds. If you’ve ever been to Toledo Bend, it isn’t much fun running those boat lanes in wind like that. But even with that wind, we ended up having a phenomenal trip, catching one over 7, another over 5 and probably would have weighed in 23 plus pounds had we been fishing a tournament. Most of the fish we caught were on a Strike King Flipping Tube. We also caught a few on a Strike King Rage Bug and on a swim jig. What’s incredible about Toledo Bend is how dynamic it is. You go in one area and there are pads and buck bushes. The next area has hay grass and timber, and the next has submerged hydrilla, and all of it holds bass. If you haven’t been over there in a while, I encourage you to go check it out soon. What a lake!