Texas Lakes Looking Good

Most Texas lakes are looking good! It wasn’t long ago that our Texas lakes were in bad shape - really low, very little cover, and very few ramps in the water. But look at them now! Wow. Many are back to full pool. There is cover everywhere. Take a recent trip we took filming for Fishing and Hunting Texas to Lake Buchanan - we had fished it last summer, and it was pitiful. Absolutely nothing in the water, no ramps and very few fish. But now it’s a completely different story. The lake is at full pool with shallow bushes all the way out to 20 feet of water. The Texas drought has been devastating in so many ways, but for Texas fisheries, drought is really very healthy in the longer term. Most fish thrive with cover of some kind. Even white bass who spend most of their time in open water still benefit from the bait fish thriving in cover. With the water so low for so long, lots of bushes and grass grew where the water had been, and I think this is going to make the lakes that were really low like Buchanan, Somerville, and Travis, the very best they have ever been in the next few years. For fisherman and boaters alike it was about time.