Texas Fishing Re-fuels as Lakes Re-fill!

I love to fish shallow cover, and in Texas over the next year, that is going to be a norm. Why will it be so good? Well, the rains have finally come to Texas! Over the past four or five years, Texas has experienced an historic drought, and I have heard many people say that the lakes in Texas would never fill up again. I was always pretty hopeful as I’ve seen this cycle before. In my life I have seen Lake Travis go up and down many times, and the fluctuating lake level and resulting vegetation growth is actually what keeps the lake good for bass fishing. This picture was taken before the rains, and you can see how low it was but can also see some of the vegetation behind me. In fact, the extremely low lake levels in Central Texas have resulted in extensive vegetation growth. Now that the lakes are up, that vegetation will be excellent habitat and cover for bass, and in the next year to three years the lakes that were really low will flourish. Fishing shallow cover does have its challenges, but you just never know what you might catch! I had the opportunity to go down to Coletto Creek in South Texas earlier this year and fish some flooded conditions. I had forgotten how much fun that really is, and I’m looking forward to many more fishing trips in Texas where I get to fish shallow cover.