Late Summertime Fishing

Fishing during the dog days of late summer in Texas is not for the faint of heart. It’s one of the toughest times to catch bass because of the high water temperatures. It can be brutal on anglers as well. Although fishing will be different on every body of water, the consistent thing that usually happens this time of year, even though temps are really hot, is the fish begin to move shallower. They do this because of the water quality. Out deep, the water doesn’t have as much oxygen in it. Bait fish and bass alike move in, and in this hot shallow water, fish become lethargic, making them harder to catch. My favorite way to fish during these dog days is top water. I like the Strike King Sexy Dawg, which is a walking bait that on clear water lakes can get a lot of bites. Strike King buzz baits or the Sexy Frog can likewise catch a lot of fish. And don’t forget to keep your eyes open for schooling fish breaking the water at the mouths of creeks and on the main lake. But whatever you do, grab lots of water and sunscreen and get out there and go fishing!