Ranger's RP190 Center Console Saltwater

I just took a trip to Matagorda bay to fish for redfish, trout and flounder and had the opportunity to take Ranger’s new RP190 center console aluminum boat for a test run. Man! Did that boat perform well! To start with, we caught a lot of our fish in really shallow water, and that boat drafts extremely shallow. Many times, I thought we wouldn’t’ be able to make it to a spot because of the shallow water, but the RP190 floated right over it. The next aspect I was impressed with is the fishability. The deck is huge, there is a ton of storage, and it is extremely stable on the water. And, finally, the most important thing you want out of a saltwater boat is the ability to negotiate rough water. We ran it in 3 foot waves. It was extremely stable, and we didn’t get any spray. I highly recommend this boat. It is a great value and a good, reliable saltwater fishing boat. When I’m ready to get a saltwater boat, this is the one for me.