One Big Fish

Fishing on tournament days can be so different than fishing in practice. In the recent FLW Tour event at Lake Okeechobee, I had a good practice - caught a lot of fish, shook off a ton of bites and thought I found some really good places. The tournament rolled around and though I caught fish all day long, I just couldn’t get a good bite. I caught fish after fish, but at 3:30 only 8-9 pounds, which if you checked the standings would have been way down on the leaderboard. Then at 4:00 with about 30 minutes before I needed to check in I got a big bite. Bad thing was I lost it in the heavy cover. I had the chance to turn my whole day around and couldn’t get it in the boat. I stayed with it though and could sense they were biting. Five minutes later I got another big bite. This time I landed it and had to hurry to make it to weigh in on time. In Florida, a big bite can really make all the difference. For me it saved the day, and I ended up with 13 pounds 9 ounces, good enough for 30th place after the first day. I couldn’t get that bite the second day though and ended up in 37th for the event. Not great, but a good start for the year.