Old School as Water Cools

In the fall of the year, shad are oftentimes the most important forage for a bass. Sometimes it’s Threadfin shad and sometimes it’s Gizzard shad. Strike King spinnerbaits and/or buzz baits are some of my favorite baits to us to access these fish . A lot of times when the bass are feeding on the big Gizzard shad, a big spinnerbait with big blades catches them. I like to reel it fast and try to cover a lot of water. As far as the buzz bait goes, oftentimes a big-bladed buzz bait like a Strike King 3/8 oz. buzz bait is a good option. If the bass are feeding on Threadfin shad, I would typically go with smaller baits. Both spinnerbaits and buzz baits also work here, I just use smaller blades on each. So as the water begins to cool, think old school.