ICast 2016 The Best From Strike King

As usual Strike King released a number of new and exciting products at the 2016 ICast show in Orlando, FL. Several of them really caught my eye. First, the Poppin’ Perch. It’s a bait that has been a long time in coming. One of the best fishermen in Texas, Todd Castledine, who can fish a frog for big bites as well as anyone in the country, has partnered with Strike King to develop this bait. It’s the easiest Frog I’ve ever tried to walk, and it also spits really well. This bait is going to catch a lot of big fish all over the country. Another new bait I’m really excited about is the Rage Swimmer. It’s a round-bodied ribbed swimbait that has a big tail kick. There are two sizes – 3.75” and 4.75”. Fished on a jig head they are going to get a lot of bites. Not to be outdone, Strike King has taken their incredible flipping bait, the Rage Bug, and produced a little bigger model, the Magnum Rage Bug. I think when you’re really fishing for big bites, this compact bait will fit the bill.