Getting Ready for Deer Season

Summertime is always a busy time for me. Between fishing tournaments, filming, family reunions and vacations, there is rarely a dull moment. But no matter how busy summer gets, I always find time to prepare for hunting season. In fact, I’m pretty obsessed with it - stand placement, shed hunting and scouting pictures. And of the three, scouting pictures are probably the most exciting. Deer are fascinating creatures, and scouting cameras are a great way to observe them - what they do in the summer, how their patterns change and how they transition into the Fall. Running multiple scouting cameras is also the best way to figure out how many deer you have and what kind of bucks you actually have. It gives you insight into their habits and how they change from place to place. You have to have quite a few cameras, but if you do, you can learn a lot about the deer in your area, information that will be invaluable during the season!