First Time Hunter

Last weekend was a special one for our family. We had a great time hosting my new son-in-law’s family at the ranch. They harvested a few doe, we laughed a lot, and we got to know this new extended family a little better and appreciate the blessing they are and will be to our daughter. There was also the pretty momentous occasion of our niece shooting her first deer. Growing up, she never really had much interest in hunting, preferring to build forts, dress up, swim, read and just generally enjoy the ranch and all the fun activities YaYa made available for the girls. But this year, she asked Scott if she could deer hunt. Needless to say, Scott was ecstatic. They went out Saturday afternoon and Lindsay harvested a beautiful (and very old doe), and she made a perfect shot! Not only that - she was actually eager to learn how to clean it. And we’re always happy for someone to show an interest in that part of the process! All in all, it was a great weekend at the Wendlandt Ranch. We are blessed, indeed.