Fall Bass Fishing

When the water starts to cool in Texas (about October), bass often get really active in shallow water. Probably my favorite way to fish this time of year is to throw topwater. Two of my go-to baits are a Strike King 3/8 oz. Buzz Bait and a Sexy Dawg. I have caught a lot of great fall bass on these baits. Another technique I often go to in the fall is working toward the backs of creeks. Shad usually migrate toward the backs of those creeks this time of year, and I like to look for creek channels with depth from 7-20 feet. Bass will often school this time of year and chase bait on the shallow flats around these creek channels. Crankbaits like a KVD 1.5 or a Strike King Series 3 crankbait can also bring in some great catches. So when fall is in the air be sure to take time to hit the lakes for some great bass fishing!