Cold Water Jerkbait Fishing

When the water gets cold, one bait I always turn to is a jerkbait. And one of my new favorites is the Strike King KVD J300D. To really maximize this technique, the water needs to be clear. If it is, fishing this bait off of rocky shorelines in the in the winter and into early spring can be an incredible technique. The key is to find the right cadence and retrieve rate. Sometimes it might be faster, and sometimes it might be slower. Sometimes even pausing for as many as 30 seconds between twitches is most effective. I generally like the shad style colors that most closely mimic whatever forage is available on that body of water. That time of year, bass can suspend out off of rocky points, on bluffs, around docks, off of trees – just about anywhere, but when the water is cold, they’ll often be suspended somewhere, and many times a jerkbait is the best way to access those fish.