Texas Turkey Talk


Every year in the spring all I can think about is fishing. I really had no choice as a tournament angler – Spring is tournament season! But this year is going to be a little different. This spring, in addition to National bass tournaments, I’ll have an opportunity to chase turkey and, I’m pretty certain, get truly addicted to what I know is an awesome (and addicting) sport. I have several turkey hunts planned for this spring, but the one I'm looking most forward to is a trip with Mark Nelson from Cabela's. Mark is an experienced turkey hunter, and the goal of the show will be for him to call in a turkey for me to shoot and then teach me how to call. Then hopefully, after my turkey calling lesson, I can call in a bird for Mark. I’ll be walking the turkey hunting isle at Cabela’s pre-show to make sure I am properly outfitted. I think it’s a cool idea and am looking forward to bringing it to Fishing and Hunting Texas.