Hog Hunting!

(3/24/15) Hog hunting. You know, pigs get a bad rap in the state of Texas. People can't stand them. They bother feeders, they are always in the way, the scare deer, they tear up the land. But I hate to say it, they're here to stay. So we might as well enjoy hunting them!

For the last six months, I have hunted pigs, and they are really fun to hunt, especially with a bow. My Cabela's regulator has taken 6 pigs this hunting season, the most recent a big sow I captured on film, shooting at about 30 yards. Double lung kill, I can't wait to show you the footage!

And for those of you who think wild pigs are no good to eat, think again. I just cleaned my sixth one of the year and the meat is as pretty as any meat I have ever seen. I've used it for sausage, made pork chops, done pork tenderloin, cooked ham's shoulders and cooked ribs. I really can't say enough about the meat. It's pretty awesome.

The other thing about it is it prepares you for when that trophy buck steps out next fall. There's nothing better than actually drawing and shooting an arrow through something to prepare you for deer hunting. So if you're still yearning to be in the deer blind hunting something, think about shooting some pigs.