An Old Friend!


Have you ever had something that is so comfortable, so functional, so familiar that it just feels like an old friend?  Well, that's about how I feel about my Cabela's Guidewear Xtreme rain suit. In looking at fishing photos over the last few weeks, I notice one thing very consistently - my red Cabela’s Guidewear Xtreme rain suit.  It’s like an old friend.  I have worn it every day I have fished this year.  Whether the boat is just wet from dew in the morning or it's pouring down rain, Guidewear Xtreme will be on my body for a portion of every day.  Now,when it gets really warm here, I’m sure I'll be switching over to the Cabela’s Guidewear Bass Angler.  And I suppose that will be my “new, old friend,” comfortable, functional, familiar.  To be sure, both will be a mainstay in my fishing arsenal for many years.