A Huge Privilege!

When I was a kid, just getting interested in the outdoors, there were two main shows I watched on TV. The first one was Bassmaster. I'll never forget those pros catching fish and Bob Cobb narrating.  They would only show one or two Pros, but you got to know them and know them well.  The other show was Fishing and Hunting Texas. It was a look into all different kinds of fishing and hunting situations across the state of Texas. What I loved was the variety and the different ways in which the hosts pursued game. 

Now that I myself have fished bass tournaments all across the country, I can conclude without a doubt that Texas has the finest fishing of any state in the country, which is why I’m so excited about being the host of Fishing and Hunting Texas.  I can’t wait to share with viewers the riches of Texas fisheries!

 My true passion is spending time in the outdoors, whether it is with a rod on the water or a firearm on land. Our plan at Fishing and Hunting Texas is to bring the viewers unique looks at all kinds of hunting and fishing in the state of Texas. I know how to bass fish extremely well and deer hunting and wing shooting have always been my strong suit, but there are many kinds of hunting and fishing that I look forward to learning about here in our great state. This year we will fish all around the state and as far as hunting goes, there are whitetail, axis deer, hogs, quail, dove and turkey. I promise you will learn something and enjoy seeing the variety Texas has to offer. I truly count it as a privilege to be able to host Fishing and Hunting Texas.Put the full blog entry detail text here.