Hunting Season

Every fall I can’t wait until the start of hunting season. To kick it off this year, we continued a tradition of having the folks from Whitetail Diaries to the Wendlandt Ranch. We've had our ranch in the Texas Hill Country for nearly 35 years, and I never get tired of trying to figure out what deer are doing, what they're eating, how close they are to the rut, and just figuring out the best way to kill one. Wade and Jeff both killed great deer, and as always we had tons of fun at camp - moving stands, setting up and planning the hunts. I didn't kill a deer this trip and didn't really even see many. There are so many acorns on the ground this year, the deer don’t have much reason to leave the woods. But the fun we have at deer camp preparing for the hunt just about makes up for the tough hunting – just about….