When you are an outdoorsman as I am you constantly check the weather. Not only do you want to know the conditions in which you will be hunting or fishing, but what’s going to happen to the places you hunt and fish long term. It has been a wet couple of months and I can’t tell you how much that impacts everything we hunt and fish. As far as the lakes go, the spawn is greatly impacted when there is cover in the water. I am anticipating a banner spawn this year due to higher than normal rainfall totals. In the short term it may really mess up a certain bite, but long term it is great for the fishery. And for areas like where I live in Central Texas that have been suffering from extreme drought, the rain is filling up the lakes, which means boat ramps are re-opened and the water is getting into the bushes, which will make for great fishing all around.The impact of a wet fall for wildlife cannot be overstated. Deer will be healthy through the winter, which will yield great benefits, both in fawn production and antler size next year. It doesn’t just stop with deer though - every species benefits. The ground cover will be better for nearly every species. So even though these rainy days can be a bummer when you are out in it, we have to thank God for the rain!