I have been hunting and filming recently with my daughter, Emily. She decided she wanted to bow hunt this year, so I got her a Cabela’s Instagator bow and she has practiced a lot getting ready for hunting season. She goes to school at Texas A&M (Whoop!) so she can’t just hunt every day. The weekends we have gone have mostly been great hunting. The first weekend we saw a buck for her to take, but she just couldn’t get a shot. She was so close, but as she tried to draw, another buck saw her and took off, scattering all the deer. Then the next weekend we never saw a good mature buck, and we were dealing with rain all weekend. This past weekend it was not only rainy, but cold! We sat every hunt and she almost got shots at several different deer, but still nothing. I am really proud of her though! She has been flexible and persistent, and often times that is what it takes!