Big land, Big water

One of my favorite things in hunting and fishing is finding big land or big water - places that are untapped, that haven't been fished or hunted on before, places where game is unmolested. I love whitetail hunting in South Texas and in Old Mexico for this reason, and I have discovered a similar gem for fishing - Venice Louisiana. It is just that kind of place. Just the vastness of that fishery is remarkable. You can never know or learn it all; it's just too big. I was fortunate enough to return to Venice a few weeks ago and stay with Billy Nichols at Venice Fishing Lodge. Once again, it was an amazing trip! We caught a variety of species including largemouth bass, flounder and of course the big bull reds. There is nothing like the strike from one of those monsters! When people ask me where to go for a really great fishing trip, I am quick to respond. That’s easy, Venice Louisiana!